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Christian Alexander MenAtPlay

We are very happy to present you this handsome muscle guy, Christian Alexander MenAtPlay videos. He has an perfect ripped body, nice eyes and a firm ass that will just make you drool. Here, in the next men at play videos updates we have lovely Christian in nice suit in his office. He’s aware of his good looks therefore he agreed to pose naked for us. Do not miss this one!


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London Conrad and Jessy Ares

london Conrad and Jessy Ares make a great pair at menatplay! These guys are looking absolutely amazing in their suits, but without them the guys look even more incredibly hot! Jessy has a muscular body and he works out deily at the gym, but London is very handsome, tall and well built, no wonder these two can’t take their hands off each other, even watching them getting naked is mind blowing! In this scene they start kissing and undressing each other, and when the suits and shirts come out it’s time for some hardcore anal penetration action! London can’t wait to get his tight hole filled up by Jessy’s hard cock. When Jessy shoves his cock deep inside London’s ass, he starts moaning and wanking his cock, and it doesn’t takes much until he blows his huge load all over the place. At this point Jessy pumps his ass so hard that he cannot hold ip back anymore and explodes and fills up that tight ass with creamy cum!


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MenAtPlay – Under the table

Leo Domenico and Mark Troy are working in the same company but they never talked to each other much. in this menatplay scene they are going to become more then coworkers. Accidently met up in a gay club and none of them could believe to his own eyes. Only then Leo realized how handsome Mark is, specially when he saw him next day in the office wearing a suit. He was thinking about Mark all day long and couldn’t concentrate anymore. When almost everyone left the offices he decided to go and see if Mark is still at work, and nervously he knocked at the door and entered where Mark was expecting him sitting on his chair. They talked about the places they go and the people they hang out with, then Leo placed his hand on Mark’s leg waiting to see his reaction. Mark started unbuttoning his pants and in the next moment Leo was on his knees sucking his hard big cock! Then Mark got up and turned with his face to the wall asking Leo to fuck him in the ass! After sliding his rock hard cock in Mark’s ass, Leo started pumping him hard!


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Men At Play – Trenton Ducati and Paddy O’Brian

Our next men at play guys are Trenton and Paddy, both of the successful business men’s who travel together to another city for an important meeting. Everything works out just as they planned and after they close the deal they go out to celebrate and have some drinks. At night they get back to the hotel and Trenton invites Paddy to his room so they can have few more beers and talk. Only something unexpected happens. Paddy knows that Trenton is gay, and he confesses him that he always wanted to have sex with another guy. Trenton starts undressing him and takes his already hard cock in his mouth. Next Paddy gets his virgin ass penetrated by that big cock. He loves having his tight ass filled up by a cock so much that he blows a huge load of cum all over the place!


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Johnny Hazzard in Distinction

This scene is from the amazing men at play movie, Distiction, featuring Johnny Hazzard, who returned with this extremely hot and vintage image. He’s been growing a mustache that perfectly fits with his slicked dark hair. He wears a sharp suit and tie, and sits down on a chair where he starts unbuttoning his shirt and takes his pants off revealing his big stiff cock! He has such a well built, hot body, and he is going to jerk his hard cock for you!


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MenAtPlay – When i say jump

Alex Marte and Tim Kelly are the featured models of this menatplay scene. Tim is running a successful company and Alex has recently promoted as manager. Tim asks him to join him in the office and once they are in, Tim is giving few hints to Alex about his new job. Technically Alex has to do whatever Tim tells him, and first of those things is to get completely naked. Alex starts taking off his suit revealing his boner, and Tim starts sucking his big cock. Then is Alex’s turn to give Tim a blowjob and next Alex is going to get his tight virgin ass filled by Tim’s big cock. Looks like from now on both of them will spend lots of time in the office!


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True Lies with Adriano Toledo and Sergi Serrano

In this next menatplay movie scene Sergi Serrano is a powerful man with lots of money who travels in all parts of the world and he is travelling to Madrid. Once there he calls up an escort to keep him company and Adriano Toledo is happy to meet him. What Sergi wants is to fulfill his sexual desires and Adriano usually is not having sex with his clients, but Sergi won’t take no for an answer. Adriano ends up sucking his hard big cock, the Sergi shoves his big cock in Adriano’s tight ass and fucks him hard doggy style.


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Men At Play – Landon Conrad and Issac Jones

Landon Conrad is the perfect men at play model, specially when he puts on his slick suit to film a movie scene! He is looking so hot and irresistible dressed up as a successful businessmen, and in this movie he is the bank manager who has to deal with Issac Jones, an unsatisfied customer. Landon has just rejected Jones a loan, and now Jones is having a meeting with the bank manager to find out if there is a way to get his much needed loan. Jones is a very handsome, well built muscular guy who looks very hot in his black suit. As you will find out, there is a way for Jones to get the loan, but depends on how far he wants to go for obtaining it. He is aware of the fact that Landon is flirting with him, and Jones is ready to make the first move on him, by placing his hands on Landon’s legs, then inside his pants and stroking his stiff hard cock. Pretty soon the suits fall down and the two horny naked men are passionately kissing. Landon lays down on the desk ready to take Jones big cock deep inside his ass!


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MenAtPlay – Robin Sanchez

Get ready because Robin Sanchez is back at MenAtPlay in this hot update ready for action! Check out his webcam gallery in which he is looking ridiculously hot in that suit, but just wait to see him revealing his sexy abs and muscular body! He gets right to business keeping his short and tie on, and unzips his pants taking off his swollen cock ready for jerking off for the cam! He starts stroking his hard cock slowly and massaging his balls with the other hand, then as he starts breathing heavily he beats off his hard meat faster and faster until streams of man juice are plastering his black suit pants! What an amazing solo performance!


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MenAtPlay – Hot Property with Goran and Damien Chrosse

Watch out because you are going to watch an extremely hot menatplay hardcore sex scene featuring Damien Chrosse and Goran, two muscular guys looking incredibly hot in their fancy suits! Damien is taking a day off from work because he has an appointment with a estate agent who is going to evaluate his house. When the doorbell ring and Damien opens the door, an incredibly hansome man stands in front of him wearing a black suit. Damien can’t believe how good this guy looks, and as he invites him inside checking him out he gets rock hard and starts fantasizing about fucking his estate agent. Turns out the feeling is not one sided, because Goran observes the bulge in Damien’s pants and this turns him on. He is all over Damien unzipping his pants and Damien can’t wait to have Goran’s big cock in his mouth. After he takes his dick balls deep in his mouth Goran wants more the just a blowjob, and Damien is happy to get on his all fours for him! Goran gives his tight asshole a rough pounding and they both shoot their huge loads plastering Goran’s suit with creamy cum! 


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