MenAtPlay – Poolside

Another fresh week and time to see another new menatplay update as per usual. As you know, this site is the go to place that you can come and visit every single time that you want to see hot and horny hunks fucking passionately on camera. And every week has a new pairing getting nasty for you with one another, making for some superb experiences to say the least. In today’s menatplay scene we have two fan favorites in the form of Tomas and Dato and the two guys get to have some sweet sweet gay action with one another by the poolside today. Sit back, relax and let’s get this show with them started to see just what they did in vivid detail!


Dato was quite hot so he decided to take a dip in the pool for this afternoon with all his clothes on. his good buddy Tomas saw him and decided to join in. As they took off their wet clothes, the two kind of started to want to hit it off for the afternoon so they took the time off. Time that they spent wisely with each other and as you can see, that meant that they could have all the fun they wanted fucking by the poolside. See them sucking each other’s cocks and fucking one another in the ass and enjoy it. There’s going to be more to see next week as well, but until then you can check out the past updates as well and see even more gorgeous hunks in action!

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MenAtPlay – Subservient

Hey there gus and gals and welcome back as always to a new menatplay scene here. It’s been a while since we haven’t seen some guys playing in the office hasn’t it? Well rest easy knowing that in this update you get to see just that with two very hot and very sexy studs. They are Adam and Adrian and they get to enjoy one another’s company in the most kinky ways possible as you can clearly see right here. So let’s get right into the action and watch a superb show with the two menatplay while they get to fuck one another in the ass. And what’s even better is that you get to watch them employ the use of some nice sex toys for this one too!

As the show begins. The two are in the aforementioned office and they are just about done with their work day. They had to pull a long day for the business and they were the only two left in the building. So now that they were done, they got to take their time to unwind. But where some guys would go at the pub to have a beer, the two hot guys get to spend the rest of the afternoon getting to play with each other in a kinky manner using sex toys. So take the time to see them shoving nice and big dildos up one another’s asses today and have fun with it. We’ll be seeing you soon with another new update and some more hot guys playing kinky too!


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MenAtPlay – Straight Swap

Welcome back to today’s juicy and new menatplay update. This scene right here features two studs having a passionate gay fuck on camera for you and you just have to experience it yourselves. The two hotties are Denis Vega, which you saw in past scenes in action too and his new fuck buddy Johan Kane. The two men are tired of their wives getting to nag them all day long and at the workplace they got to try out new things with each other. And all that juicy and kinky experimentation paid off as both of them have quite the most amazing time today fucking each other nice and hard. So let’s get to see them in some action!


Johan Kane is more than happy to be the bottom for their first fuck here today and as you can see, they found themselves a nice and private spot in the storage room. Watch closely and see the blonde guy sucking his buddy off after he poses a bit for him and you and shows off that mighty sexy and juicy body in a strip session. Then he gets to bend over and when he does that, Denis goes balls deep in his tight ass too. Just enjoy seeing them taking the time to fuck all over the place this afternoon and we’ll bring you more juicy scenes in future updates as well. See you guys soon with another new scene and more gay action too! See you next week!

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The Line Up

It’s that time once more and of course you know what that means. You can see more menatplay scenes here getting lit up with hot and horny hunks playing kinky for your entertainment and theirs. And in this scene we don;t just have a one on one action scene either. In this update you can see a whole bunch of guys getting down and dirty with a group fuck session that you are sure to remember for a long time from now on. Anyway, let’s get right into the meat of things as it were and see these hot studs starting off the men at play juicy fuck fest today without delay. You will be in for one steamy action session with this group of five hunks here!

The guys getting nice and wild with one another here are Bruno, Paco, Dato, Scott and Dennis and we can say for sure that each of them were sporting some pretty sensual looking clothes too apart from just suits. Paco comes to mind there, with a black leather jacket and denim jeans that make him look sizzling hot. Well anyway, you can see Scott getting to be on the recieving end from all of them today so he starts off the whole thing by sucking some serious cock for the guys and making sure they are rock hard for his ass. Then he gets to take it balls deep and enjoy himself with it as well. See you all next week with a brand new gallery update!


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5 Star Service

Another fresh week and time for another menatplay scene to be revealed to you all today right here. We know how much you adore seeing suited up guys getting to have fun with each other and the treat that you get to see in the form of their bodies when they get to take off their clothes for your entertainment. Anyway, this scene here features another pair of hot hunks that are eager and happy to play with each other in very nasty ways and you just have to check it out without delay. Donato and Rob get to put on an amazing show with their steamy gay fuck and we bet that you will savor every moment of them plowing each other hard in today’s men at play scene!


The setting is that Donato is at this hotel and he calls for room service. And that has another stud named Rob coming in and serving him the delicious food he ordered. Now Donato is quite the horny man and is always down to play naughty. See him seducing Rob the room service guy and having him play with him in bed for the rest of the afternoon. You get to see Donato rimming Rob with a passion and sucking his cock with those juicy lips and after that you can see the two taking turns to fuck each other in the ass nice and hard today. Enjoy the view of it all and make sure to come by again soon for even more juicy scenes!

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MenAtPlay – The Inspector

This week we have a special treat for you to check out and this menatplay scene is sure to make you fall in love with these two hot studs here. The two guys playing with each other are Trenton Ducati and Harley Everett and Trenton here gets to be a inspector investigating the latter’s kitchen for the afternoon. Well everything seems to be in quite good shape, however there are a few minor details that he has to deduct points from from his review. Harley is very willing to do anything to get that 5 star review and as you can  see in this men at play scene, Trenton has an idea or two. So let’s see what kinky stuff the two get to do together for the afternoon shall we?

Harley starts by telling Trenton that he’s down to do anything for a good review and Trenton tells him oh yeah? well drop those pants and show me those buns. You can bet that Harley is happy to do so and the two are set to have some nasty fun today. See Harley sucking on that cock with a passion before he gets to bend over. And when he does you can see his cute butt jiggle as Trenton goes nice and deep in his fine ass today. We hope that you will enjoy the sight of this inspector banging the head chef nice and hard throughout the whole show and rest easy knowing that there’s even more new and fresh scenes coming to you soon as well. Bye bye for now!


Watch here the hot inspector banging the chef!

Police Corruption

Today’s hot and nasty menatplay scene is here for you and you can bet that there’s no way you can pass up the chance to check this one out right now. Edu Boxer and Gabriel Vanderloo are the two getting to play in it and Edu gets to take the role of a policeman getting rough with this businessman named Gabriel for driving too fast and being cheeky with him too. The suited guy thought he might get out of a ticket by being all seductive to the police dude and it seems that that ended up with them going to a private spot and having some men at play fun too. Let’s watch Gabriel moaning with a big cock up his ass this afternoon shall we?


The thing is that the cop is interested in guys as well, so Gabriel’s advances played right into his hands. Sure, he won’t give the guy a ticket today, but he’s about to give one to his cute round ass as he punishes it with his nice and big hard cock for this one. So let’s get to sit back and relax as the two engage in a simply amazing and luscious action scene with lots and lots of gay fucking getting done of course. Take your time to see Gabriel getting bent over the car and watch him moan in pleasure as he has the other guy fuck him balls deep in today’s nasty little update. We’ll see you again soon enough with another new gallery update.

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Deliver Me To Temptation

Welcome back everyone, menatplay is back once more and as you know you get to find only the most steamy and hot gay fuck scenes around this site. To reaffirm that point, today we get to see a new pair getting to play rough and nasty and their names are Dato Foland and Landon Conrad. So Dato and Landon are quite the sexy muscled hunks as you can see and they aren’t shy about showing off for you this afternoon either. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show with the two as they get around to put on display a simply incredibly hot and juicy men at play session here. So let’s just take the time to see the two fucking each other in the ass for the whole scene here!

When the show gets rolling the two are in their office and getting ready to get naughty. There’s tons of kissing and caressing at the start as they get ready and in this scene neither one of them takes the lead really, they just take their time having some naughty fun with each other taking turns to be the one dishing out the dicking. And you can watch them putting their nice and big desk to some good use as well this afternoon as they get to fuck one another on it pretty much through the whole show. We bet that you’ll adore them and rest assured that more hot hunks like them are coming to your screen soon enough. See you guys soon!


Enjoy watching the delivery guy getting his ass slammed!

Boss Been Bad Part 1

Hey there guys, menatplay here with another scene for you and you can rest assured that it’s simply amazing. Much like the title says, the scene features a boss training this rookie and training him hard as you can see. Paul is a newbie and the boss named Darius has his eyes on him to groom him to be the next one to take his place. But not only does he train him to be a good businessman, he also likes to have some naughty fun every now and then with the guy too. Let’s get to see them spend some time together in this men at play scene and you can watch this pair getting down and dirty and fucking hard style for your viewing pleasure too!


When the show begins, you can see them just getting done with the training for today. But since Darius is horny and Paul feels kind of the same, they get to start off having another different kind of training session here. And since Darius is the boss he still gets to be the one dishing out the fucking most of the times too. Anyway, sit back and see Paul using those juicy lips to suck and slurp on Darius’ hard cock this afternoon to make sure that his meat is nice and hard. Then you can check him out taking a nice and hard ride on it with that fine ass and loving every moment of it. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and more will follow next week!

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MenAtPlay – Man Hours

Menatplay as you know is the best place to come and visit when you want to see some great and horny guys getting down and dirty with each other for the cameras and you and in today’s scene we have some more suited up hunks that get to show off just how they like to play after hours when no one’s in the office building at all. They want all the privacy that they can get when they play naughty and they like to make sure that they can go as wild as they want on one another’s mighty fine and sexy asses too. Well let’s see their play scene here today and watch them fuck nice and hard for your viewing pleasure shall we?

Anyway, to get started, their first order of business is to make sure that no one else is around first and foremost. then they get around to lock the door to their office and then the trio starts to get right down to business. Watch as Martin gets to be on the receiving end and Antonio with Rafa get to have fun with his holes. Antonio gets to plow his nice and tight ass of course and Rafa gets to make him suck on his hard cock for the whole scene. Enjoy watching Martin fucked hard style all over the place and have fun with the show. W’ll be back again next week with another new gallery for you and more kinky shows of course!


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