Peeping Tom

Willem Helm and Kriss Aston are featured in this next MenAtPlay movie scene called Peeping Tom. Now we all know that there are the ones who liked getting themselves off while they are being watched, and there are the others who like getting off by watching someone. Which category are you? Well it doesn’t really matter on which side you are, we are sure that you will love watching this Men At Play scene that combines the both categories! Sexy Will is visiting London and he checks in a hotel. He keeps having the feeling that someone is watching him cross the door and this turn him on. He would like to know who’s the guy peeping from the cross door and one night he leaves his door open and starts undressing in the middle of the room. His heart start pumping fast when he hears someone entering. That person garbs him from behind and starts kissing his neck, pushing his hard cock in Will’s butthole. Will has no idea who is this guy who now is penetrating his ass, but he is not looking back to see his face yet. He just enjoys getting his asshole fucked by that hard big cock. When Will turns around there is this extremely hot muscular guy standing in front of him. Will gets on his knees to get a taste of Kriss’s big cock!


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