Dominic Sol and Morgan Black

This scene featuring Dominic Sol and Morgan black is from the exciting My White Collar Man movie, which became very popular because it’s every MenAtPlay fantasy coming true! After a hard day of work Morgan Black leaves the office thinking about his hot flat mate. He’s been dreaming for so long about burying his face into his mates butt, who always seems to tease Morgan but they never actually got together. When Morgan gets home he finds his flat mate sleeping on the couch faced down wearing  white collars. He has such a sexy bubble but Morgan thinks, and this time he cannot hold himself back anymore and and buries his face between his mates butt checks, massaging his ass with his tongue. At this point the guy wakes off and big surprise, Morgan realizes that it’s not his flat mate the one who’s sleeping, but a friend of his, who turns around as an invitation for Morgan to take his already rock hard cock in his mouth!

After a mind blowing cock sucking and ass eating Men At Play action, Dominic is ready to take Morgan’s big cock deep inside his ass, and after a rough pounding Dominic gets on top of Morgan lowering himself on that hard cock and riding him until Morgan fills up his ass with a huge load of cum! At the end both of them get what they want, Morgan fulfils his need to bury himself in a hot butt and Dominic gets the most amazing wake up sex ever!


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