MenAtPlay The cube scene

For all the fans we have this amazing The Cube MenAtPlay movie scene featuring Kevin Knight and Scott Carter, two police officers, and hot Justin Harris who press charges against these two officers for sexually assaulting him. But as it turns out, he quickly dropped the charges because the officers have their own way to make him change his mind. The Cube is an extremely hot rape-fantasy scene and the three guys in suit are looking ridiculously hot! This might be the best jerk-off-to movie scene ever so check it out right now!

The police officers are intimidating hot Justin and ultimately he is dropping all the charges after he is bent over the desk and abused by these so called corrupt officers who are looking so irresistible in their suits that even Justin gets a boner while one of them is ripping off his pants and fingers his ass. In this time the other one pushes his hard cock in Justin’s mouth. After watching this Men At Play scene all I can say is, please officers do me next!


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