MenAtPlay – Poolside

Another fresh week and time to see another new menatplay update as per usual. As you know, this site is the go to place that you can come and visit every single time that you want to see hot and horny hunks fucking passionately on camera. And every week has a new pairing getting nasty for you with one another, making for some superb experiences to say the least. In today’s menatplay scene we have two fan favorites in the form of Tomas and Dato and the two guys get to have some sweet sweet gay action with one another by the poolside today. Sit back, relax and let’s get this show with them started to see just what they did in vivid detail!


Dato was quite hot so he decided to take a dip in the pool for this afternoon with all his clothes on. his good buddy Tomas saw him and decided to join in. As they took off their wet clothes, the two kind of started to want to hit it off for the afternoon so they took the time off. Time that they spent wisely with each other and as you can see, that meant that they could have all the fun they wanted fucking by the poolside. See them sucking each other’s cocks and fucking one another in the ass and enjoy it. There’s going to be more to see next week as well, but until then you can check out the past updates as well and see even more gorgeous hunks in action!

Watch here this guy sucking off his pool boy’s dick!