MenAtPlay Under the table

Leo Domenico and Mark Troy are working in the same company but they never talked to each other much. in this menatplay scene they are going to become more then coworkers. Accidentaly met up in a gay club and none of them could believe to his own eyes. Only then Leo realized how handsome Mark is, specially when he saw him next day in the office wearing a suit. He was thinking about Mark all day long and couldn’t concentrate anymore. When almost everyone left the offices he decided to go and see if Mark is still at work, and nervously he knocked at the door and entered where Mark was expecting him sitting on his chair. They talked about the places they go and the people they hang out with, then Leo placed his hand on Mark’s leg waiting to see his reaction. Mark started unbuttoning his pants and in the next moment Leo was on his knees sucking his hard big cock! Then Mark got up and turned with his face to the wall asking Leo to fuck him in the ass! After sliding his rock hard cock in Mark’s ass, Leo started pumping him hard!


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