Under Control starring Rogan Richards

Rogan Richards and Robin Sanchez are starring in this next menatplay movie scene called Under Control. Rogan is an arrogant boss who looks incredibly hot in suit, everyone can see how well built he is but because being so arrogant almost everyone in the office dislikes him. Robin knows that if he wants to keep this job he must do everything that Rogan tells him too, and no matter how much he disliked being Rogan’s puppy he loves him job way to much! Rogan asks Robin to come in his office and tells him to get completely naked. At first Robin says no to his boss for the first time but when the boss promises him a promotion he takes off his suit in no time. Robin knows what he is expected to do now, so he gets on his knees taking Rogans big cock in his mouth. Next Rogan asks Robin to lay down on his desk and spreads his legs pushing his big dick in Robin’s tight ass. Robin gets used to the feeling and as Rogan pumps his ass he strokes his hard cock!


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